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 Ethan Ingram is an award winning, Fine Art Fashion Photographer and Filmmaker based in Los Angeles, California.
 His childhood obsession with the styles of classic films spurned his interest in vintage cameras and pushed his mastery of black and white and color darkroom methods, this led him to a brief career in the field of motion picture film restoration. With these endeavors, Ethan contributed his efforts to the restoration and preservation of over 85 motion pictures and garnered him many international awards and accolades.
 Ethan's photographic style ranges from the cinematic and expressive, to classic and conceptual in both still photography and filmmaking, working with fashion films, music videos, promos, fashion editorials, campaigns and designer's look books. When time permits, he also teaches creative photography and darkroom workshops locally in Los Angeles.
 His ability to recreate the look of any era and to blend traditional photographic materials with modern day digital methods has him in high demand today as a visual storyteller.

When he isn't photographing the latest fashion campaign, you might just find him photographing daily life and oddities on the streets of Los Angeles, touting an unusual vintage camera and sharing his love of photography with others.